Nadia is the designer and founder of NADIA RIDIANDRIES. She is a womenswear and jewellery designer from Sydney, Australia. Nadia graduated from the University of Technology, Sydney, completing her Bachelor of Design in Fashion and Textiles (Honours).

NADIA RIDIANDRIES started as a form of a creative outlet and experimentation by using existing materials rather than putting them to waste. She started her small business in 2014 until 2018 on Etsy, which was previously named 'Nineties Zephyr', and relaunched her business in 2021. Nadia's background in fashion & textile design led her fascination to explore other materials, including wire metal work and silversmithing.

NADIA RIDIANDRIES creates ones-of-a-kind handmade jewellery using recycled metal, where possible, and sourcing natural gemstones within Australia and worldwide. She allows her material to guide her designs, working intuitively, which has led her to create organic and fluid yet timeless jewellery to be able to pass down to loved ones. 

Her designs are meant to be worn by all people and are meant to be worn anywhere.




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