• Cebalrai Necklace (Short)
  • Cebalrai Necklace (Short)
  • Cebalrai Necklace (Short)

Cebalrai Necklace (Short)


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The second-brightest star in the constellation of Ophiuchus, Cebalrai adopts the metallic form of the Rasalhague and alters it slightly with the addition of a freshwater pearl. Like a drop of dew, the balance between hard and soft elements holds tensions together in a single piece. Each piece is uniquely made for the wearer, meaning no two are alike. Bringing protection and providence, worn on one’s chest or carried around like an amulet, find solace in knowing your one-of-a-kind Cebalrai is also part of a greater constellation, scattered across the Earth like flakes of sparkling salt.

Metallic (Silver, White-toned)


Pendant: Metal Alloy (99.3% Tin, 0.7% Copper); Cord: White Suede Leather

This item takes 10-15 days to be crafted in the Ophiuchus Sydney Atelier.